Stephen Burge – IT Project Manager/Sr. Business Analyst – (972) 899-9466

Stephen is a self-motivated individual that gets projects done on time and within budget.  My teams have worked with business users and other technical development teams to implement new software tools and to implement new ways of doing business.  These tasks have resulted in more efficient ways of doing business.

Stephen worked in a variety of industries and positions (consumer electronics, semiconductor, telephony, and aerospace and defense).  While working at Lockheed Martin, he has been involved in four major database implementations.  The first one was to implement an electronic, advanced ordering system.  This system allowed parts to be ordered within a day versus up to a month.  The next system developed was a database to monitor parts.  This system allowed a program to save $2.2M in one year and was used to define enhancements to a supplier management system that did not need to be upgraded for five years.  The last system that he worked on was an enterprise, web based system that accessed multiple databases and allowed people to have selected access.