Irfan Siddiqui – Sr. Information Security and Compliance Consultant – 682-553-2560

Irfan is an accomplished Information Security professional with over ten years of proven record in the rich field of IT Security and Compliance.

In the past Irfan has delivered services and projects by being part of the Fortune 500 companies such as Electronic Data Services (EDS), Hewlett Packard, Sabre Holdings Inc, Tandem Computers (TNSC), Boeing, and Pepsico Food Systems.

Today Irfan holds special interest and passion in providing quality solutions to end clients in the realms of Project Management and Secure IT Solutions, esp. in the emerging technologies such as Cloud Computing. Irfan is an active follower of several technical groups such as Cloud Security Alliance, Cloud Security SOA and Governance Group & Information Security Professionals group on the internet. He is also a keen observer and follower of the CloudAudit/A6 FORUMS which meets on a weekly basis (every Monday).

Irfan enjoys reading books on Leadership Development, Emerging Technologies, Literature, Sci-Fi, Cosmology and Astronomy. He is an avid stargazer and a proud owner of a backyard Observatory, “Dome with a View at Keller”. The Observatory occasionally conducts community outreach programs.