Technology ROI Delivery

Are you getting your money’s worth from technology?

Technology is improving at a very fast pace. Phone system, internet, web site, customer support, CRM, ERP, SEO, are to name a few. As the technology advances the need to change is NOW.

We, at MirGroup, understand and being a SMB ourselves we can help you get more bang for your technology buck!!

Why consider it?

In most engagements, customers get a return within 18 months!!

Your technology costs have gone up. You have PCs, phones, an internet and websites. Your kids are telling you about, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Vonage to name a few, and you’ve heard about LinkedIn but you just can’t get your arms around how best to use these new trends to your advantage.
Let us look at your current technology expenditures and create a plan to improve your business by using new technologies effectively.

What we’ll do
We will work with you through three phases. Usually a three week process but depends upon total scope.

First, we analyse your environment and capture data through interviews and through review of your technology bills. At the end of the analysis phase, we provide you with a summary of our findings. This will provide a factual basis for our recommendations and will help you understand your key technology cost and productivity levers.

Next, we will build specific and actionable recommendations, including a business case. The business case includes high level implementation milestones and key success factors.

Finally, if you approve, we will make the plan a reality, in partnership with your team.

What we expect from you

It is important to get quality time from you and your team to understand your business vision leveraged technologies and associated costs.
It is also important to have access to existing technology bills (phones, internet, software licenses, etc).

What you’ll receive

Most companies we work with realize a ROI within 18 months.