Recruiter Support Services

Recruiters, improve your bottom line with MirGroup

MirGroup creates new sources of revenue for recruiters. We do this by providing vetted resources, additional service offerings for your corporate customers, and improved services to offer potential job candidates. We provide a support group that allows a recruiter to define, and deliver their own opportunities. A recruiter can also use our network to gain access into newer accounts with new and proven services.

Why consider it?
Conventional recruiting is a tough business these days. The usage of online tools has improved. The ability of corporate HR to reach out to the masses and filter through an inordinate amount of data to find a match, reduces the value provided by a typical recruiter.

As the recruiting business and landscape changes, now is a good time to evaluate their value to their customers, and improve performance by realigning with the new market realities.

What we’ll do?
MirGroup provides a global platform for job seekers. As members of this community, the future hire to build a peer support group, network with skilled and talented professionals that take them to the next level. They build their own job descriptions and accomplishments they plan to deliver, inline with their career aspirations.

What we expect you to do?
Increase your source of income: Share the value proposition offered by MirGroup with job seekers. Become a coach to them and assist them in staying motivated and offer options on how best to leverage a peer network.

Increase your portfolio of talent:. MirGroup has a vast number of qualified prospects who have been screened and proven qualified. We’ve expanded our resources to provide the best people for the best jobs.

What you’ll receive?
Create additional channels to generate revenue: With MirGroup you have additional global talent to draw qualified candidates.
Increase the client engagement level: With MirGroup you can now sell solutions based on the same talents that originally only generated one time recruiting fees for you.

Get access into new accounts: We have a global footprint with work experience in many companies. Our socially conscious approach to Professional Services is attractive to businesses and individuals alike and our talent pool will be a good reference to leverage.

What else can we offer?
Some of the super stars in MirGroup’s talent pool create successful services that are in high demand. As these products and services become viable and marketable, MirGroup launches them as services.