Market Assessment

Understand and deliver

How is your organization positioned to adopt Cloud Computing and what direction is right for you?

As you make decisions about what Cloud Computing approach is best for your organization, it is important to consider the direction that your industry and your peers are moving.
● What services are they using?
● What are the views of industry analysts?
● What approach will make us most competitive?

Once this is established, the next step is to figure out which Cloud Computing provider or providers best meets your needs.

MirGroup market assessments address a series of questions we are often asked by clients including:
● How are other organizations in our industry leveraging Cloud Computing services?
● What specific Cloud Computing services should we use?
● Which providers are best able to meet my needs?
● What issues do we need to consider?
● What criteria should we use to sort through all the options?
Why Consider It?
MirGroup market assessments help clients objectively sort through the plethora of Cloud Computing options and determine which providers and services best meet your current and future business needs.

What we Deliver?
Situation Assessment
● You will receive a summary of your organization’s collective views about and experiences with Cloud Computing. We will:
● Analyze & document your current use of Cloud Computing technologies
● Assess your organization’s knowledge and perceptions of Cloud Computing service providers and offerings
● Document critical success factors and factors that are most important to you in selecting a provider(s)

Industry & Peer Review
● You will receive an assessment of how your industry and peers are leveraging Cloud Computing including summaries of industry analyst views and end user experiences.

Provider Assessment
● You will receive an assessment of potential providers including their capabilities, depth of experience, client base, customer experiences, analyst views, service levels, legal issues, etc.
● You will also receive our views about the various providers with respect to your current situation and needs.

What Else We Offer?
In addition to Cloud Computing Advisory Services, MirGroup offers:
● Feasibility assessments
● Technology assessments
● Service Management
● Communications Assessment & Planning
● Marketing/strategic trends analysis
● Finance and Contract management assessment
● Integration of internet based services into your business to reduce costs and increase efficiency including, VoIP, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Hosting, Cloud- and Crowd- Sourcing, and other disruptive technologies and services.