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Forester Research defines Cloud Computing as “A pool of abstracted, highly scalable, and managed compute infrastructure capable of hosting end-customer applications and billed by consumption”.

Cloud Computing is an emerging approach that makes many promises and if implemented correctly has much potential. There are multiple aspects to be considered for an enterprise when evaluating Cloud Computing including impact on Finance and Accounting, Technology Architecture, Organizational Change, Contracts, and Service Management. All five work-streams have to be strategically aligned and engaged to generate maximum value out of Cloud Computing, and MirGroup can help.

Why consider it?

Cloud computing, when done right, has the potential to reduce costs and risks, while improving reliability and scalability of the enterprise IT services, and its ease of use.
Basic Cloud Computing Overview
Cloud Computing for an enterprise environment is about refocusing enterprise onto core business by simplifying the enterprise interface with technology.  The impact of Cloud Computing is felt across an entire enterprise, so five distinct work-streams need to be engaged for successful implementation. These are:

  1. Finance and Accounting: Moving from CapEx to OpEx model.
  2. Technology Architecture: Build scalability, availability, and interface into business.
  3. Organizational Change: Simplified organization driven Cloud Computing redefines roles and responsibilities.
  4. Contracts: Move from legacy license model to pay per use model. Sub-contracted services.
  5. Service Management: Implementation of ITSM changes to reflect the new IT Service model. SLA design and implementation.

What we’ll do?
At MirGroup, we take a holistic approach to Cloud Computing. It’s not enough to say that Cloud Computing should reduce costs and increase productivity. It’s more important to truly understand the needs of a business, design an appropriate Cloud and associated services and integrate into the business needs to improve company operations.
We have a simple five step approach that allows us to do this:

  1. Discuss at a high level what Cloud Computing is and can do for a business in general
  2. Look at vertical and horizontal market influences and requirements for a particular business
  3. Map current state and define a future state around 5 defined work-streams.
  4. Build a high level plan with milestones to move the organization to the future state.
  5. Implement the plan (optional)

We understand the importance of such strategic organizational undertaking and believe that it’s not just about equipment and technology, it’s about all of the synergies (or lack of), that will create business success.
What We Offer
MirGroup Cloud Computing team has years of experience and is available to assist with any and all five domain areas for Cloud Computing.

  1. Finance & Accounting
  2. Service Management
  3. Technology Architecture
  4. Contracts
  5. Organizational Change

What else can we offer
As well as Cloud Computing Advisory Services, MirGroup offers services to address every aspect of Technology Assessment and Implementation. We have deep knowledge of the latest internet trends and know how best to integrate the internet based services into your business to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This includes VoIP, Twitter, LinkedIN, Facebook, Hosting, Cloud- and Crowd- Sourcing, and other disruptive technologies and services leveraged by the MirGroup itself and by its customers.