Career Support for New College Graduates

“Do, or do not… There is no try.” -Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

As a fresh college graduate, you are armed with the latest education and have a vision for your career.  You are looking for the right organization and the right role to start your professional career.  However, most of these organizations are looking for experience.  MirGroup is the bridge that will help you take these vital first steps towards the career of your dreams.  We nurture your vision and enhance your value to help you stand out in the crowd of potential candidates.

Why consider MirGroup
Job hunting is tough, especially in the current market.  Fresh college graduates, full of inspiration and solid academic grounding, have to compete with other potential candidates, to prove they are worth the investment to train on the job.  To stand out and improve their chances of employment college graduates have to prove they not only have the right education, but they also have the right experience and pedigree to become an asset to an organization.  MirGroup understands this and bridges that gap, and more…

What we’ll do
MirGroup provides a global platform with local support for you to leverage.  As members of this platform, you build a peer support group on a global scale, networking with skills and talents that can take you to the next level.  You build your own job and commit to accomplish-ments you plan to deliver, inline with your career aspirations.  You have vast resources, a core peer group, and a mentor.  You lead others that you can lead, and your progress is limited only by your own aspirations.
The diversity in this community and its global reach can be leveraged in multitude of ways by you.

What we expect you to do
Define and deliver to your career aspirations: Create your ideal first job title.  Create a list of business deliverables and associated deadlines.  Deliver to your objectives and create reference able accomplishments.
Gain critical field knowledge from others: As part of a global platform you have access to a variety of talented peers.  Create, or become part of, a peer group of high synergy resources that will take you to the next level.

What you’ll receive
A global community of socially conscious resources: Network with peers, coaches, and business leaders, all looking to make a difference.  Find contacts for those hard-to-access organizations you are interested in.
Reference able accomplishments defined and delivered by you:  When you join MirGroup, you create your own goals and deadlines and deliver them.  These accomplishments are what your typical potential employer would be looking for.  MirGroup will act as your reference for the accomplishments you achieved.

What else can we offer
Some of the super stars in the MirGroup talent pool create successful services that we find to be in high demand in the marketplace.  As these products and services become viable and marketable, MirGroup launches them as a service leveraging clusters of like-minded individuals.