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A Socially Conscious Loyalty Group That Crowd Source


MirGroup has multiple offerings but the underlying value we propose and deliver is:

Social Consciousness - We say what we can do, we do what we say we can, and we only do what creates sustainable value.

Equality to all stakeholders - Only when customers, vendors, partners, employees, stock holders and contractors are able to achieve their individual goals, do we get sustainable value.

Our ever growing team has Tier-1 consulting, Fortune 100 through Global 1000 management, entrepreneurial, and even failure and multi-fold growth experience.

Where Microsoft's well funded Encarta failed and free Wikipedia succeeded is where we want to be for Professional Services industry. We have a specific value proposition for different audiences.

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To engage with us on a specific business opportunity please send us an email at with the specifics about the opportunity.

For any other type of query, please call us at (607)545-1891 or send us an email at the address above.

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